Badamwari will be in full bloom by next week’

Floriculture dept urges visitors to ensure cleanliness inside garden

Amid an increase in the footfall of visitors at the sprawling historic Badamwari garden in Srinagar’s downtown area, the authorities at the Floriculture Department said there is around 60 percent of flower bloom and that the peak is likely to be witnessed by ‘next week’.

Imran Ahmad, an official at the department looking after the city parks told the news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO) that the bloom is subject to weather conditions and that the flower bloom on almond trees at Badamwari garden started in the first week of March.

“So far, there is a bloom of 60 percent in the garden and if the weather remains dry and warm, we can witness the full flower bloom in the park by next week,” he said, adding that the life of the flower petals is very sensitive and if there is wet weather, the flowers may fall down from almond trees, cutting down the lifespan of the blossom.

In an appeal, the official said the visitors should avoid throwing litter openly in the green lawns and use installed dustbins. “Park is meant for people, and they can sit and enjoy but should avoid throwing any leftover food, empty bottles of cold drinks or juices or polythene inside the flower beds or green lawns as it takes us a full day to clean the area,” he urged.

After remaining in dormancy during winter, the Badamwari garden is one of the major sources of attraction for nature lovers and tourists, especially during spring, when there is a bloom of flowers on almond trees here.

The garden is situated on the foothills of Koh-e-Maran and is spread around 300 kanals dotted with trees, flowers and cascades, providing a soothing experience to the visitors.

In summer, families from across the valley, mostly from the Srinagar areas, often visit the park in the afternoon and have namkeen (salt) tea with large-sized parathas fried in oil and the famous ‘Nader Monje’ as snacks—(KNO)

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