Anjuman Blood Donors’, a WhatsApp group, keeps blood flowing to the needy

Anjuman Blood Donors’, a WhatsApp group, keeps blood flowing to the needy

A group of youth in Srinagar district is running a blood donation campaign through a WhatsApp group.

‘Anjuman Blood Donors’ is an initiative of blood donation taken up by some youth to save people’s lives, one of the group admins, Tahir Ali, told the news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO).

Tahir, a policeman, said the blood donation campaign through the WhatsApp group was started four years ago and till date, it has successfully arranged more than 3000 blood pints for needy patients.

“I too have been donating blood since 2005,” he said.

Tahir has donated 48 blood pints till date. “We all must join hands in this sacred mission and save lives,” he said. “We welcome all those people who want to donate blood. Those who require blood can also contact our group.”

Another admin, Sameer Mustafa, said the group consists of 800 blood donors, both males and females. “We arrange blood, plasma and platelets for the needy patients,” he said.

Mujtaba Hussain, a member, while talking to KNO, said, “Our aim is to save lives as we witness accidents and other emergencies that require blood on a daily basis. We along with our volunteers who are spread in multiple places always try to make it possible to donate blood to those in need.”

Another member Huzaif said, “We don't belong to any organisation. We are a team of volunteers who arrange blood, plasma and platelets quickly for needy patients. We were able to add 800 members (blood donors) to our WhatsApp group. We along with other donors donate blood free of cost for the sake of Allah and humanity.”

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