Kumar family of Srinagar all set to set its glazed pottery products on display at G20 summit

Kumar family of Srinagar all set to set its glazed pottery products on display at G20 summit

The glazed pottery made by Kumar family Srinagar are all set to be displayed at the upcoming G-20 summit in Kashmir.

Abdul Salam Kumar ((55) from Ishber Nishat and his three sons are known in whole Kashmir for making the glazed pottery.

Talking to news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO), Abdul Salam said that he was just 10 when he started making pottery products with his father and since then we have continued the same work.

“We have seen ups and downs but have continued our work and Thanks to Almighty Allah that we have been earning our livelihood well,” he said.

“Youth must learn to work hard to earn livelihood and if anyone wants to learn this art, I will teach him for free,” Kumar said.

His son, Mohammad Umar Kumar (28) told KNO that after pursuing B.Com, he too has started to work with his father to earn livelihood as unemployment rate is at peak in Kashmir.

“After failing to get job anywhere, I decided to continue my family work so as to earn livelihood through halal means,” he said.

He said that the handicraft department has been helping us to continue this art as this art is dying.

They usually ask us to send products for displaying at different exhibitions and recently told us to send our products to display at different spots during the G20 summit.

“We have painted G20 logos on our products and we are hopeful that it will help us ik selling more and more products,” Umar said, adding, “Our products are usually cheaper than the products made in other states but our products have a very low market”.

“We have sent different products for display during the G20 summit and we are hopeful that such kind of events will help us in increasing demand for our products and people associated with this art will benefit,” he said. “There are machines available to make pottery easily and despite requesting concerned authorities to provide us with a machine, nothing has been done.”

Umar along with family requested concerned authorities to help them in getting the machine and steps must be taken so as to keep this dying art alive

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