Demand for Turkish Inglenooks surges as Kashmir Braces for Extreme Winter

Demand for Turkish Inglenooks surges as Kashmir Braces for Extreme Winter

Demand for Turkish inglenook-locally Bukhari, has surged as Kashmir is leapfrogging towards the extreme winter.

As per news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO), the Turkish inglenook, renowned for its elegant design and efficient heating capabilities, has become a sought-after item among Kashmiri households.

Local stores as per KNO are reporting a significant uptick in sales, attributing the sudden spike to the heaters' ability to provide both warmth and aesthetic appeal.

“There is a good demand for Turkish Bukharis across India, which include colder places like Ladakh and Himachal Pradesh. In Kashmir, we have been selling these Bukharis for the last four years and its demand has been increasing every year,” said Ahsan-ul-Haq, owner of Kinetic Enterprises which imports and sells Turkish Bukharis in Kashmir.

While Ahsan said they sold more than 400 Bukharis last season, he hoped that the number would surge this year given its increasing popularity in Kashmir.

“We are getting an enormous number of requests and enquiries about Turkish Bukharis. We import these Bukharis from Turkey along with other accessories and our professionals install them here in the valley,” he said.

Locals in Kashmir till now have been using traditional Bukharis which were made of tin. These traditional Bukharis consumed a lot of wood.

Turkish Bukharis, however, are made of Iron, which apart from emitting more heat is considered an eco-friendly appliance.

Turkish Bukhari has various compartments, with each of them having its distinctive function.

As per the sellers a Turkish Bukhari costs between Rs 18590 and Rs 1,30,000.

“Basically Turkish Bukharis are multipurpose. Apart from using it to keep ourselves warm, the Bukhari has various other compartments which can be used to bake and cook,” Ahsan said.

Mohammed Ali, another Turkish Bukhari seller said the demand was such that many stores ran out of stock. "We had already anticipated that these heaters would be popular given the winter climate, but the response has been overwhelming. We are working to restock and fulfil customer orders."

Local resident Farhat Khan expressed her delight with her new Turkish inglenook, saying, "Its multipurpose feature makes it the most elegant winter appliance. It's like having a piece of Turkish art that serves a practical purpose."

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