Kashmiri Pandits embrace cultural roots through folk song 'Maenz Ho Laagae Walai Walai'

Kashmiri Pandits embrace cultural roots through folk song 'Maenz Ho Laagae Walai Walai'

Video goes viral; netizens applaud the ‘anthem of cultural pride’

In a heartwarming display of preserving the valley's rich cultural legacy, Kashmiri Pandits have found resonance in the soulful rhythm of the folk song 'Maenz Ho Laagae Walai Walai'. This melodious ode to heritage and tradition has sparked a wave of enthusiasm among the community, echoing the sentiments of unity and nostalgia.

“This folk song isn't just music; it's a piece of our identity, a connection to our roots,” expressed Rakesh Kaul, a local Kashmiri Pandit, speaking to the news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO).

“Its timeless melody evokes memories of our homeland, fostering a sense of belonging among Kashmiri Pandits scattered across the globe,” he added.

The revival of 'Maenz Ho Laagae Walai Walai' has drawn widespread attention, igniting a renewed interest in preserving Kashmiri culture. “The song encapsulates the essence of our traditions. Its resurgence symbolises a reclamation of our vibrant heritage,” said Kapil Singh, another Kashmiri Pandit.

As the song went viral on social media, netizens started appreciating the gesture, saying 'Maenz Ho Laagae Walai Walai' isn't merely a song but an anthem of cultural pride and a testament to the enduring strength of their traditions.

“It is commendable to witness such a profound connection to their identity, echoing sentiments of unity and nostalgia,” commented Tahir, a local Muslim.

Another local Mubashir commented: “The enthusiasm and viral response signify the enduring strength of Kashmiri traditions and their resilience in the face of dispersal across the world.”

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