Kupwara’s Bangus Valley mesmerises every visitor, turns into tourist heaven

Kupwara’s Bangus Valley mesmerises every visitor, turns into tourist heaven

Comprehensive plan to enhance Valley’s allure, woo more tourists; upgrading transport facilities top priority, says Tourism Official

Bangus valley in the northern district of Kupwara has emerged as a hidden gem, drawing curious travellers from the country and the globe. The valley, renowned for its pristine beauty and rich cultural heritage, has seen a remarkable uptick in tourist footfall since the past few years due to the hectic efforts of the district administration.

The Kupwara district administration has left no stone unturned to transform this mini-wonderland into a full-fledged tourist destination even though there is a scope to do much more to lure record tourists to the valley.

Talking to the news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO), Assistant Director Tourism Javid ur Rehman said that recognizing the untapped potential of Bangus Valley, the administration has embarked on a comprehensive plan to enhance its allure.

“One of the pivotal initiatives involves substantial investments in infrastructure development. Improved road networks and upgraded transportation facilities have made reaching Bangus Valley more convenient, inviting tourists to explore its scenic wonders without the logistical hassles,” Rehman said. “To augment the valley's visibility, the administration has launched an array of promotional campaigns. We are utilizing both traditional and digital platforms, they showcase Bangus valley's breath-taking landscapes, diverse flora and fauna, and the warm hospitality of its local communities.”

He said a series of events to lure tourists were launched that include cultural programs by renowned local music artists, local dance and rouf, besides launch of hot air balloons, adventure activities like paragliding, horse riding, ATV ride, cycling and land zorbing etc.

“Traditional crafts and the valley's unique heritage has also been disseminated, fostering a sense of anticipation among potential visitors,” he said.

The Assistant Director Tourism said that the preservation of the environment has been a key focus. “The administration has implemented eco-friendly practices, promoting waste management, and biodiversity conservation. These efforts not only ensure the long-term sustainability of Bangus Valley but also appeal to environmentally conscious travellers,” he added.

Local voices echo with the desire to transform Bungus into a hub for winter sports, such as skiing and ice hockey, akin to other mountainous destinations. However, the dreams of these icy adventures are halted by the absence of the required snow.

Nasir Ahmad, a local resident, said that the Valley's transformation into a tourist haven is a testament to the administration's dedication and vision. “By combining infrastructure development, strategic promotion, community engagement, and environmental conservation, the administration has turned Bangus Valley into a destination that not only captivates the senses but also ensures a sustainable and enriching experience for all who arrive here,” he said

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